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RPG Events - Limited to Small Groups 


Limited Seating - call to reserve a table.

Dragon's Guildhall RPG Events

We are always looking for new players and Dungeon Masters. Our RPG groups can change as players have schedule changes, so be sure to ask when there are open seats.

COVID-19: Regular Tables have not been meeting for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and DCC. Currently trying to re-group small sessions.

D&D Adventures League

We are looking for new DMs forming to form new tables. Ask about our DM incentive program!

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The schedule for the Pathfinder Society runs tables at Dragon's Guildhall is changing. The Starfinder Society will plan to follow the same schedule. Currently both groups still plan to meet on Thursdays on alternating weeks, but due to work schedule conflicts the Thursdays when they meet can vary.

Find out more and sign up for a seat on their Warhorn scheduling site.

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Links for Other RPG Games

Dayton Dungeon Craw Classics           DCC MeEtup 

Games Getting Organized

We are looking for DM/GMs and players both experienced and new! 

We are currently trying to regoup our tables. If you have been a regular player in the past, please contact us by email (