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Events - Limited to Small Groups 

Dragon's Guildhall Events

We are striving to grow our events for our growing gamer community. Click on the links below for more information or check out our event calendar (you can sign up for events!). 


Friday Night Magic for Magic the Gathering images and logos.

Come in and Play Magic the Gathering! Check out our Magic Events!

Magic Events
Dragon on top of books in front of map with RPG dice.

Role Playing Games!  Dungeons & Dragons Adventures League.  Pathfinder/Starfinder Society

RPG Events

Ogre-Hio Open

Kill Team

Warhammer Kill Team

Next 6-Month Campaign Prizes & Medals Awarded for 6-month Campaign Winners!

2 of 3 Game Days

Tentative September 12, 2020

Bi-Monthly Tournaments! Additional Prizes & Painting Competitions each Tournament!

Free RPG & DCC Day

Open Table 

Pathfinder Level1 Module

Saturday, 7/25/2020, 1 - 3 pm

We have a Board Game Library!

Come in and try out a new board game!

Join the Southwest Ohio Table Toppers (SWOTT)  


People playing a board game.

Board Game Demos

Zombie Kidz! (Kids 7+) - Monday 7/27/20: 4 pm until 5 pm

Tags - Monday 7/27/20: 5 pm until 7 pm

Potion Explosion - Mon 7/27/20: 7 pm until 9 pm